Frequently Asked Questions

Are you held to the fiduciary standard?

Yes, being a Certified Financial Planner professional requires putting clients' interests first.  The fiduciary standard also means that advice must be given under circumstances which require total trust, good faith and honesty.

Do you offer any workshops that I can attend?

 Yes, feel free to check this site periodically for upcoming education opportunities or send us an email to be added to our email list. 

Who are your typical clients?

 Folks over 50, who recognize the value of  financial planning, and seeking to work with a trustworthy, experienced advisor to optimize their financial health are the traits of typical Focus Point Planning clients. Most have an investment portfolio over $500,000.

What costs are involved at Focus Point Planning?

We offer a complementary, no obligation, initial consultation. Everyone's situation is unique so the advice fees or advice services can vary as well. An annual advice fee, a flat financial planning fee, or an asset based fee are common options we can discuss. Investors should note that the deductions of fees will impact  overall account returns. We also offer brokerage services that are commission based if you prefer.

What kind of portfolio return can I expect?

 Our philosophy is to control what we can (risk/diversification, spending, and costs) and seek to optimize your resources to help you live the life you want. You determine the level of risk you are comfortable with (aka aggressiveness of investments) and that impacts your returns, so every portfolio return is different.

Why should I work with a financial advisor?

 Once we are over 50 years old and enjoying our next chapter, we have less time left to recover from mistakes or market corrections and we are facing new choices we have never had to decide before: social security claiming, tax efficient income withdrawals, required distributions, late life planning, to name just a few.