Sample Calendar


  • Financial Plan update (your financial road map)
  • Investment strategy: risk, diversification, portfolio
  • Retirement review


  • Mid-year income/expense flows and cash reserves
  • Education planning
  • Gifting/charitable plans
  • Next chapter conversations: Social Security, lifestyle, required distributions


  • Debt reduction
  • Family and Late Life planning
  •  "What Ifs": disability, premature death, long-term care
  • Estate planning with attorney: asset titling, beneficiaries, documents in place


  • Employee benefits review
  • Cash reserve needs
  • Tax discussion strategies with your financial advisor and CPA: loss harvesting, deductions, Roth considerations, withdrawals, income planning

The opinions voiced in this material are for general information only and are not intended to provide specific financial, tax or legal advice or recommendations for any individual.