Planning for Family Futures

Marie Burns is a caring, experienced Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) professional who treats you like family and helps you with your money decisions. Our focus is on reducing your stress, while also saving you time, by providing a simplified yet comprehensive, organized road map of your financial life. We serve as your objective, personal guide---your advocate and pro-active accountability partner focused on the key aspects of your financial health: money, motion, and mind.  


The Cost of NOT Working Together...

Without financial advice, you may lose out on investment returns due to emotional, non-diversified investing behavior. You may miss out on tax savings or  your family may pay the price of a lack of estate planning. Can you afford NOT to have a plan for your main resource in life, money? Investing involves risk including the potential loss of principal. No investment strategy including diversification, asset allocation and rebalancing, can guarantee a profit or protect against loss.


A Holistic Approach

For almost 20 years, Marie has taken the approach of a financial health practitioner (without the white coat)...assessing, addressing concerns, and focusing on what matters to you. We start with a Financial Wellness Review, are you ready?


A financial health focus: Money

A financial health focus: Motion

A financial health focus: Motion

Money is the obvious and number one stressor in our lives, let us help you focus  on making smart money decisions.


A financial health focus: Motion

A financial health focus: Motion

A financial health focus: Motion

Physical well-being is closely tied to your financial success so we  help you focus on  the importance of staying active.  


A financial health focus: Mind

A financial health focus: Motion

A financial health focus: Mind

Your social life impacts a healthier mind which leads to a healthier body and lower health care costs. We focus on helping you enjoy your lifestyle.

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